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Our Businesses

ANCO and his managements, have a history of offering the best products in the most effortless process. By almost 20 years of experience in International Trade, ANCO and his managements has made us an expert in understanding our customer's specific needs and providing tailor-made solutions. ANCO is one of the most credible traders of raw material, resources and commodities in the worldwide market.

With the headquarter office in Hong Kong, ANCO has developed a global reach and networks with some of emerging markets in the world. We trade across the world including but not limited to China, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Australia, Europe, Russia, Chile and Brazil.

ANCO committed to develop a long term relationship and we concern our client's / business partner's needs with strong focus on quality.

The products offered by ANCO including but not limited to iron ore, manganese ore, scrap metals, copper cathode, other industrial minerals, thermal coal, coking coal and fuel oil.