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Beware of Disguise Anco Resources (Hong Kong) Limited in Physical Gold Transaction.

Owing to our Company has recently discovered that there are some unidentified entities in the market engaged in the transaction of physical gold by using the name of our Company - Anco Resources (Hong Kong) Limited. Our Company hereby reminds our Customers that our Company has never assigned any third party (individual or corporate) on behalf of our company to carry out any physical gold transactions. If you have any queries about any gold transaction status, please contact us at +852-2865-4008 or by email: pmt@ancoresources.com for verification.


Member Account

For the Members who registered with the Company for the Plan under【Anco Gold Club】, you can use "Login Account" and "Password" to login to your online account under the platform below which provided by the Company to deal with the following matters:

1. DAILY - To check the Members’ Account’s status from the latest MEMBERS’ ACCOUNT STATEMENT;
2. MONTHLY - To check all latest balance of the Buy-In and Lease-Out of “Assured Gold Bullion”, the latest records of rental payment, list of charges and fees occurred (if any) from the MONTHLY ACCOUNT STATEMENT which will be received early of each month;
3. ANYTIME - CHANGE OF PASSWORD for the Members’ account; and
4. ANYTIME - Download the latest version of ALL FORMS to be used under the Plan






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The price is for reference only. Final actual price offers will be quoted by Anco separately for each individual customers.