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Beware of Disguise Anco Resources (Hong Kong) Limited in Physical Gold Transaction.

Owing to our Company has recently discovered that there are some unidentified entities in the market engaged in the transaction of physical gold by using the name of our Company - Anco Resources (Hong Kong) Limited. Our Company hereby reminds our Customers that our Company has never assigned any third party (individual or corporate) on behalf of our company to carry out any physical gold transactions. If you have any queries about any gold transaction status, please contact us at +852-2865-4008 or by email: pmt@ancoresources.com for verification.



Anco Gold Club provides our Customers an international recognized Physical Precious Metals at any time. Our Company is dedicated to enhancing our quality of service, and opportunely offering the “Gold Leasing Plan”(hereinafter referred to as the 'Plan') under 【Anco Gold Club】to our valued Customers. Our Customer can become a club Member anytime they wish for and be rewarded with a stable rental income by leasing their physical gold bullion.

The Plan under this club membership offers our Member both value-preserving and value-adding advantages, the overall value of reaping probably will be greater than the original value of the physical gold bullion upon membership expires and it may maximize our Members’ benefits. To cater the needs of different Members, the Company also provides a more convenient and flexible option for our Members to choose from.

Upon completion of buy-in the “Physial Gold Bars” from the Company – being the Physical 9999 Gold Bars with London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) international recognized Hallmark and certified by the Company*, our Member can enjoy the monthly stable rental income*, and receive the same quality of Gold Bullion* or redeem the 9999 Jewellery Gold Products* in equivalent value from the Company after the expiry date of their Memberships.












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The price is for reference only. Final actual price offers will be quoted by Anco separately for each individual customers.