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Beware of Disguise Anco Resources (Hong Kong) Limited in Physical Gold Transaction.

Owing to our Company has recently discovered that there are some unidentified entities in the market engaged in the transaction of physical gold by using the name of our Company - Anco Resources (Hong Kong) Limited. Our Company hereby reminds our Customers that our Company has never assigned any third party (individual or corporate) on behalf of our company to carry out any physical gold transactions. If you have any queries about any gold transaction status, please contact us at +852-2865-4008 or by email: pmt@ancoresources.com for verification.


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Customers should login to their Online Account or call our Operation Department on
+ 852-2891-1446 to check their current cash balance
Call our Operation Department on + 852-2891-1446 to check the latest Physical Precious Metals price offers.
If you “accept” and are holding sufficient fund in your trading account then our sales team will
proceed your order
If you are holding insufficient fund in your Account. Please deposit 105%
(fund is based on Hong Kong Local Market Price of Physical Precious metal x requested transaction quantities)
of fund into our Company's bank account, then send us the official receipt / bank slip
by fax + 852-2866-6804 or by email to pmt@ancoresources.com immediately
and call our Customer Service Department on + 852-2891-1446 to confirm your
fund deposits and to check the latest Physical Precious Metal price offers
If the Customers accept the price offers , our Account Department will email the "Invoice" to our
Customers on the same transaction day. The transaction amount, charges and fees (if any) will be
deducted from the Customer’s Online Account
Our Operation Department will upload an updated statement to the Customer's Online Account
within one (1) banking day after the transaction is made






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The price is for reference only and ANCO Resources Group is not in any forms of partnership with BullionVault.
The price is for reference only. Final actual price offers will be quoted by Anco separately for each individual customers.